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The Company

The company Baumgartner Pneumatik GmbH was founded by Eduard Baumgartner on July the 1st 1973. Back then same as today we were and are specialists in construction and manufacturing of special components in the fluid technology.

With the development of the first direct on-screwable throttle check valves for cylinders we also began to gain a foothold in the automobile industry 35 years ago.

Since then we deliver throttle check valves, service frames, soft-start valves, fittings, tubes, vacuum ejectors and various other components worldwide to different automobile factories.

With constant quality control and improvements we set the foundation stone for a smooth production process of the production line.

With components made of stainless steel, we are furthermore also the supplier for the food, pharma, and beverage industry.

Thanks to our flexible process of construction and production we are capable to conduct changes and improvements very quickly. As fast as can be designs are created and sample parts are made for the experimental setup.

Our selective stockkeeping allows us to deliver very quickly (normally within 24h)


› Construction of pneumatic elements in 3D CAD programs

› Sample manufacturing in rapid-prototyping procedures

› Manufacturing of the Design

› Assembly of the components

› Extended time test of the components

› Mounting the assembly

The company Baumgarnter Pneumatik understands itself as partner of the industry. We cover all tasks the areas of development and fabrication. Our designs are created with most modern CAD systems in order to be able to provide a picture as true to original as possible. In shortest time we will provide you with a binding offer.

Our customers

Volkswagen Germany, Volkswagen Slovakia, Seat, Daimler, Ford, Opel, Kuka, Satisloh, Fee, Brammer and many more.