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cooling unit for welding guns cleanweld®

cleanweld® water cooling unit for welding guns



efficient cooling without external cooling circuit

The cooling principle is based on a kind of air-water heat exchanger and a pump unit. Through this concept, resulting in the following benefits welding technology.
Efficient cooling by increased pressure
Longer service life of welding caps
Little or no welding spatter
More detailed information which component makes problems.
E.G. right or left-tong, transformer or cap demolition.
Withdrawal of both gripper arms (separately) during cap exchange and therefore no loss of water.
Increase in the cycle time
Lifetime increase of the transformer
Immediate reconstruction is possible
No noticeable warming of the hall
Less sinking of the electrode
Cap temperature maximum 350 degrees Celsius
Optimal surface temperature
There are no cooling towers needed
No central cooling water installation
Filtration and flow control eliminates
No energy costs for pumps

No maintenance of the pumps and pipe installation